No RX Celexa

No RX Celexa, Sure this is late, but it's better than nothing.

So I turned 25, Celexa ebay. 100mg Celexa, The quarter century. I don't really feel that old and it's kind of strange to think that I've been kicking around this sphere of dirt for a little over a quarter century, Celexa overseas. 200mg Celexa, While it's nothing in the scheme of things (when compared to, say, 750mg Celexa, 40mg Celexa, the age of the earth) it's still got me thinking even more about my goals for my time here. Still working out exactly where I want to be in say ten years time, kind of know five, but less sure about 6 months/a year, No RX Celexa. Anyhow, 500mg Celexa, Celexa craiglist, for the fun stuff.

Stuff & Nonsense Schwag

Stuff & Nonsense Lapel Pin

Awaiting for me at home after my almost weekly cruise down the F3 were a few packages on the weekend of my birthday, 250mg Celexa. Celexa japan, Both from the United Kingdom, the first was my very British lapel pin from Stuff & Nonsense, 1000mg Celexa. 30mg Celexa, The second was my order of moo cards to throw at promoters, bands and fans while I'm out shooting (in the hope of getting more gigs), Celexa mexico.

Moo Minicards: Gig Photos

New MOO Cards

No RX Celexa, To celebrate the quarter century mark being reached (after not having a 21st due to the sheer volume of them combined with exam period) I held a small gathering up in Newcastle with friends. Celexa canada, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Simon Carter's World Climbing: Images From The Edge from Alpha, Jared, Celexa us, Celexa australia, James and Lee (thanks guys :)), and a chocolate mouse from Stu and Sarah, 50mg Celexa, 150mg Celexa, plus the presence of close friends from Sydney and a few I'd made at work up here in Newcastle.

With eighteen months since my last major camera related purchase I decided I could now afford to buy the lens I'd been eyeing off for some time, Celexa india. 10mg Celexa, So I've welcomed the 70-200mm f/2.8 L from Canon into my collection, and it's definitely become a favourite fast, Celexa coupon. Celexa uk,

Me Today: 38

The new baby: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L Series lens - it's pin sharp at f/2.8, absolutely amazing!

My new ring finally arrived in during the week of my birthday (shots to come, Celexa usa, 20mg Celexa, when I get around to playing with some sort of macro set up) after 2 years since I lost the one I got when I was sixteen and the family got me a new watch - a Nixon Player (silver face). Also got a few little extras like a mini slinky, Celexa paypal, Scrubs Season One (thanks Hannah), the movie The Prestige, the documentary on the restoration of the James Craig (my Uncle works on it as part of the Sydney Heritage Fleet and I got to go out for a day on it with Stu in 2004).

Product Shot: Nixon Player

My new watch - Nixon Player

Finally, with a print run of photos due to be made in the near future I'll have some swaps heading out around the world with mates so I'll have something to put on my walls by people other than myself :)

Party Shots

As shown on flickr.

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