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Indometacin For Sale, Futsal. Well, Indometacin australia, this isn't us, but maybe one day... (Photo: muneto murakami

The Combat Wombats have reformed after a little over a year of rest, 50mg Indometacin, this time to take on the roundball sport of futsal. Indometacin overseas, Played at North Sydney's ANZAC Memorial Club is a local futsal competition, using the Club's astroturf courts rather than wooden indoor or outside asphalt locations.

The original team of Combat Wombats is somewhat depleted, Indometacin usa, with one member now living in New York eaking out a meagre existence as a lawyer of some description, Indometacin paypal, the red nut unavailable due to priorities given to work after selling his soul, and the former wicket keeper Sunny, well, 500mg Indometacin, I'm not sure what his score is. Anyhow, we've assembled a team from the remnants and added a couple of new players to create what must surely be the least prepared, yet potentially formidable, team of futsal players in the Division Three competition on Monday nights (apparently there wasn't any lower divisions for us to join), Indometacin For Sale. 100mg Indometacin, Combat Wombats presenting for the Futsal 2007 team are as follows:

Mike D

The First Game

After a late scramble to get additional shinpads from Rebel in the city, it was a train to North Sydney to meet Mike for a planned dash to the Club. That was the plan anyhow, 150mg Indometacin. Due to the lack of train ticket in Mike's hand as he left work he was forced to queue the twenty minutes it takes to buy tickets during peak hour prior to getting near a train. Indometacin us, Finally arriving with fifteen minutes till the planned kickoff, and half an hour after we'd planned, we jumped into a taxi whose driver promptly took us directly to a Club, Indometacin canada. North Sydney Leagues Club Indometacin For Sale, . No we don't want North Sydney Leagues Club, 10mg Indometacin, we want the ANZAC Memorial Club. It was then that our lovely Chinese taxi driver admitted he'd just got his license, so we finally arrived, 250mg Indometacin, taking nearly fifteen minutes to make the five minute trip, Indometacin craiglist, both still in the lovely attire of business dress. A quick change and we were on the astroturf to start the match (well, we kicked off with me still tying my shoelaces, Indometacin uk. Note to self: new runners for next week, 30mg Indometacin, rather than skaties, would probably help).

Boy this game is a fast one, Indometacin For Sale. While Mike finally got his shinpads on I came to an exceedingly fast realisation of just how unfit I really am - especially for the explosive nature of the game, Indometacin mexico. Mike D soon took to the field to begin his big outing as chief goal scorer for the Wombats. 20mg Indometacin, Stu put up a valiant effort in goals, more than willing to take on the ball, and players too, Indometacin japan, five balls managed to sneak in under the radar and hit home into our goal, Indometacin coupon, and Charles and Duncan were definitely working well together with the best skills out of the Wombats on the night. The first half's scoreline of four goals against and Mike with his first, and the sole goal of the half for the Wombats, 750mg Indometacin, highlighted a real lack of coherence, 1000mg Indometacin, and possibly a less than thorough understanding of the rules, and the need for us to work on a game strategy before the game begins. Indometacin For Sale, The second half started a little better than the first, for one there was no team member still tying his shoelaces at kick off. While we were behind four-to-one in the first half, Indometacin india, the second half brought a much better pace and deeper understanding of individual playing styles (or lack thereof). 200mg Indometacin, Mike D slipped yet another in between the goalie and the net to score his second goal for the match - the only two that would appear on the scoreboard for us, giving Mike D the lead in the Golden Boot. A blinder of a goal from the other team leveled the second half's score at one all, 40mg Indometacin, where it stayed till the end. Indometacin ebay, As a result we lost five to two, though the way we played in the second half far outshone our first half.

Man of the Match went to a very deserving Stu for placing his body on the line on countless occasions, even showing off some volleyball skills in a mad scramble to save a second attempt on goal after saving the first, Indometacin For Sale. It should also be said that while Stu's fitness isn't too bad, his vocal chords definitely will be needing some practice to ensure he can continue to shout loud enough all match long. I'm not sure the people of Perth were hearing him by the end of the game ;)

So, at the end of round one, the Combat Wombats are sitting in fourth place, the top of the table for the losers, on for-and-against. The teams below us are sitting with deficits of five goals and nine goals.

With a full eight member squad next week, and some training time in the interim, the next match at 9pm on Monday will hopefully swing the way of the Wombats. For those who are bored (or are in the team) Stu is keeping track of our progress on his site.

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